Background check is an important part of employee screening process that needs to be done legally and ethically. This check is carried out so you, as an employer, can recognize all people whom you employ thoroughly. By conducting this check, you can make sure that your employees are trustable people because they don’t have any flawed criminal records, financial records, and any other personal records. However, since the accomplishment of this check involves an in-depth inquiry of someone’s private information, this check must be done legally and ethically so any adverse consequences of this check can be well avoided.

You can do this check either without or with charge. There are a number of checking methods that you can employ so you can do this check without having to make any expenditure. Furthermore, these checking methods are also considered much more ethical than paid checking methods because the information that you can get through these methods is personal information that is reliable enough to support the checking project but is also available to be grasped without violating the checked individual’s privacy. Using online search engine is the easiest method that you can use to perform this check without paying for anything. If you have received comprehensive curriculum vitae of your employees, you certainly have known several pieces of their personal information, such as their full name, birthday, etc. You can input those data to any online search engines’ input box to search for more comprehensive information concerning the checked individuals. In addition to using universal search engines, you can also visit the court website and get necessary information there.

The second methods necessitate you to spend a certain amount of money to afford more comprehensive criminal checks accomplishment. Through free checking methods, you will hardly be able to get a grasp of your employees’ comprehensive criminal records. To get such records, you need to hire a checking service that you can find on the internet easily.

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